Toyotas motorkodsystem

Modellfakta om Toyota

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Toyotas motorkodsystem

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Lista på vad dom olika bokstäverna och siffrorna betyder:

- De första numeriska tecknet anger motorblockets generation
- Nästa (en eller två tecken) anger motorfamiljen
- Suffixet (åtskilda med ett bindestreck) anger motorns funktioner

A: Valvematic variable lift intake head

B: Twin SU-style side-draft carburetors
After year 2000 indicates E85 Ethanol fuel.[citation needed]

C: Carburated / California Emissions Controlled

D: Twin Downdraft carburetors

E: Electronic Fuel injection

F: Economy narrow-angle valve DOHC

G: Performance wide-angle valve DOHC

H: High compression
High pressure charged (example: 2L-THE)

I: Single-point fuel injection

J: Autochoke (Early models) or unknown pollution control

L: Transverse

M: Philippines' market (meaning unknown)

N: CNG fuel

P: LPG fuel

R: Low Compression (For 87 and below octane fuel)

S: Swirl intake (1980s)

SE: D-4 Gasoline Direct Injection (1990s)

T: Turbocharged

U: With Catalytic converter Japan-spec emissions

V: Common Rail Diesel Injection (D-4D)

X: Atkinson cycle (typically also indicates a Hybrid engine, as Toyota only uses the Atkinson cycle with hybrids)

Z: Supercharged